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It can be a giant time-consumer to code up HTML to be written by a JavaScript. Why? Because of the present limitations on string length readable by the compiler. You have to keep concatenating the lines with single or double quotes and plus signs. Unlike PERL, which permits a write literal until end write statement is encountered, every bit of the HTML has to be specified in the "document.write("text");" format when using JavaScript.

This little app is for the Web Developer who is doing his/her own developments in JavaScript. It's designed specifically to make the task of writing HTML from JavaScripts less onerous.

To use it, simply paste your HTML into the window below and click the submit button. So long as you have not mixed single and double quotes in your HTML, it'll do the job for you. For example, if you code your HTML with double quotes (<BODY BGCOLOR="white"> or <A HREF="file.htm">), it will return the JavaScript statement properly concatenated. Similarly, if you code your HTML with single quotes (<BODY BGCOLOR='white'> or <A HREF='file.htm'>), it will function properly.

If you write JavaScript within JavaScript, this utility will also be useful, but you will need to split any </SCRIPT> calls like this:


to avoid "confusing" the compiler. (Either that or add some exception handling to the source code of this utility)